SOLEDAD (WESTLIFE) Học Tiếng Anh Qua Bài Hát| Thảo Kiara

Cùng Ki học tiếng Anh và học hát ca khúc SOLEDAD của nhóm nhạc Westlife nhé!
Learn English via songs- Soledad (Westlife)
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If only you could see the tears
In the world you left behind
If only you could heal my heart
Just one more time
Even when I close my eyes
There’s an image of your face
And once again I come to realise
You’re a loss I can’t replace
It’s a keeping for the lonely
Since the day that you were gone
Why did you leave me
In my heart you were the only
And your memory lives on
Why did you leave me
Walking down the streets
Of Nothingville
Where our love was young and free
Can’t believe just what an empty place
It has come to be
I would give my life away
If it could only be the same
Cause I can’t still the voice inside of me
That is calling out your name

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