Phát âm chuẩn – Anh ngữ đặc biệt: Meet Betty Azar (VOA)

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In 1965, Betty Azar was teaching her first English as a Second Language class at the University of Iowa. A student from the Middle East asked Ms. Azar, “Why can’t I put a in front of water?’ As in ‘I drank a water.’” Ms. Azar did not know the answer, but she found it. That was the start of her grammar teaching career. After 50 years and sales of 10 million books, Betty Azar has become a legend in the world of TESOL, or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Some call her “The Mick Jagger of grammar,” comparing her to the lead singer of the rock band, The Rolling Stones. Generations of English teachers and learners have come to love her classic book, Understanding and Using English Grammar. The blue grammar guide can be found in language schools throughout the world. No American has sold more grammar books than Ms. Azar. She started her career teaching writing to college students. Her boss asked her to teach an English class for foreign students. She knew nothing about TESOL, but she taught her first course the same day. TESOL was just beginning as an academic field in the 1960s. There were few study materials available. She started writing for her classes and that became the basis of a book. A publisher asked her to write a book. “Understanding and Using English Grammar,” was first published in 1981. It was a major success. What is her advice to English Learners? Ms. Azar says, “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.”

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