Phát âm chuẩn – Anh ngữ đặc biệt: Low-Income Homes in Washington Get Solar Panels (VOA)

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Solar panels turn energy from the sun into electricity. They are an increasingly common sight on the tops of homes in wealthy parts of Washington, D.C. Now the costly technology is moving into a lower-income area of the city. And, the people who live there are getting the panels for free. Southeast Washington D.C. is an area not known for new technology. Tila Felder received solar panels for her home. She praised the lower energy costs. She says her electric bill has dropped from $200 a month to just $40 a month. Local officials make these solar panels available to residents whose yearly earnings are at or below $50,500 for a family of three. Ted Trabue is with the local government program, DC Sustainable Energy Utility. He says his group plans to put solar panels on 135 homes this year. The goal for next year is 200 homes. Atta Kiarash installs, or puts up, solar-equipment. He says he will set up as many as 1,200 solar panels this year. Mr. Kiarash and other Washington officials believe that number could double by 2016. The program is paid for with fees from factories and oil processing centers for their carbon dioxide emissions. Government officials expect millions of dollars in savings as the solar panels become more popular. Washington officials hope to start a program next year to help small businesses install solar panels on their buildings. They hope to turn the nation’s capital into an environmentally-clean solar city.

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