Bộ đề thi học sinh giỏi cấp tỉnh môn tiếng Anh lớp 12 có đáp án

PART 1: Choose the option (A,B,C or D) that best completes each of the following sentences. Write your answers in the numbered table below.
1. Our country is rich ________ natural resources.
A. of B. with C. about D. in
2. The idea to ________ a visit to the local council residence was welcomed by all the visitors.
A. pay B. do C. go D. walk
3. In his anxiety to make himself________, he spoke too loudly and too slowly.
A. understand B. understanding C. understood D. to understand4. ________ for the fact that he was working abroad, he would willingly have helped with the project.
A. If it hadn’t been B. If it had been C. Had it been D. Hadn’t it been5. Some animals are on the ________ of becoming extinct.
A. edge B. verge C. side D. tip6. The play is very long but there are three ________ A. intervals B. breaks C. rests D. naps
7. The last lecture ________ completely over my head.
A. got B. went C. was D. left
8. Could I pick your ________ on the subject before the meeting?
A. brains B. head C. intellect D. mind
9. I was prepared to lend my brother some money but he turned ________ my offer.
A. back B. up C. out D. down
10. I ________ with the performances but I got flu the day before.
A. was to have helped B. helped C. was to help D. had helped
11. The dying man’s speech was so________ that no one was able to interpret his last request.
A. incoherent B. indiscreet C. nonchalant D. impotent
12. Very soon I found some other people to ________ and we began to write songs.
A. keep up with B. team up with C. talk through with D. get along with
13. ________ chair the meeting.
A. John was decided to B. It was decided that John should C. There was decided that John should D. John had been decided to
14. I thought about the problem but I couldn’t ________ a solution.
A. come in for B. come across C. come up with D. come out
15. ________, they slept soundly.
A. Hot though was the night air B. Hot though the night air was
C. Hot as was the night air D. Hot although the night air

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