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The school year has begun in Cameroon. But thousands of students and teachers are fleeing their schools in towns that border Nigeria’s Borno state. The state is the home of the Boko Haram terrorist group. One thousand children were expected to start classes in government schools in the border town of Kolofata. But only a few arrived. Foncha Rene was one of those who did come to school. The 17-year-old said Boko Haram attacks in the area have frightened away students. Recent fighting between the Nigerian Boko Haram rebels and Cameroon soldiers damaged the school. Pamela Singeth works at the government school in Kolofata. But she fled to safety at a military camp. She said she could not advise any child to go to school in the border area because it is dangerous. She said Boko Haram had destroyed classrooms. Like Kolofata, the town of Mora also borders Borno State. Seven hundred students were expected at school in Mora. But only 100 appeared. Instead, the students found more than 2,000 Nigerian refugees in their school building. Babila Akao serves as an administrative official for the area. He said he asked the Ministry of Education to postpone the start of the school year. Kolofata and Mora are just two of the 25 schools near the border with Nigeria’s Borno State. Monouna Fotso is Cameroon’s secretary of state of the Ministry of Secondary Education. He says the government plans to move students from local schools for security reasons.

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