Học tiếng Anh qua tin tức – Nghĩa và cách dùng từ Outrage (VOA)

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OUTRAGE là danh từ, có nghĩa là cảm giác bàng hoàng và phẫn nộ về một điều gì đó. OUTRAGE cũng là động từ, nghĩa là khiến ai đó bàng hoàng và phẫn nộ.

Phần tiếng Ạnh:

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s proposal of a total ban on Muslims entering the United States has been drawing outrage and rebukes in the U.S. and from around the world. Last week Trump proposed a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the country should remain in place ‘until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on’. The statement came after mass shooting in California by a Muslim couple believed to have been radicalized by extremists. Trump’s statement drew criticism from the White House, Republican and Democratic presidential hopefuls, leaders of the American Muslim community as well as many world leaders.

In the UK, some British war veterans are outraged to know the British Air Force has begun bombing ISIS targets in Syria. Members of the organization ‘Veterans for Peace’ traveled to Downing Street, and threw their war medals to protest the bombing outside the Prime Minister’s residence. “War solves nothing, I reject the notion completely”, said Ben Griffin from the veterans’ group. Other veterans said that most wars are unnecessary and avoidable.

Finally, Japan’s whaling fleet has resumed Antarctic whale hunting after a one- year pause, saying it is for scientific research, and renewing outrage from global environmentalists. Japan’s Commissioner to the International Whaling Commission Joji Morishista says the world must agree to disagree on whaling. The Japanese official added that the country’s whaling fleet aims to kill 333 whales by the end of hunting season next year. Environmentalists from Sea Shepherd Australia have vowed to pursue the Japanese fleet and intervene in any slaughter of the mammals, as it has done for the past decade.

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