Học tiếng Anh qua tin tức – Nghĩa và cách dùng từ Destruction (VOA)

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DESTRUCTION là danh từ, xuất phát từ động từ DESTROY có nghĩa là phá hủy, hủy diệt. Tuy nhiên, SELF-DESTRUCT lại là động từ và có nghĩa là tự hủy hoại, thường là bằng cách nổ tung, khi nói về máy móc.

Phần tiếng Anh:

French authorities have begun the destruction of a migrant camp outside Calais also known as the “Jungle’. One person was arrested for trying to prevent the clearing of the site — where about 3,000 people have been staying. Refugees and migrants converged there in hope of illegally entering Britain by sneaking on trucks or trains using the Channel Tunnel. The French government would like to relocate the migrants to a nearby park of converted shipping containers or other centers around France. But migrants are reluctant to move because they believe relocation would make their dream of settling in Britain harder to reach.

UNESCO says that The International Criminal Court’s first trial on the destruction of a cultural heritage sight in Timbuktu sends a clear message that such crimes will not go unpunished. The statement came ahead of a hearing for a suspected Islamist rebel accused of destroying ancient monuments and artifacts in Mali. The earthen tombs of Sufi saints were destroyed in July 2012 by militants from the al-Qaeda linked Ansar Dine group with guns and pick-axes. The salafist group backs sharia law and considers the centuries’-old shrines of the local Sufi version of Islam to be idolatrous.

Finally, the last Mad Max movie received six Oscar awards. But ecologists accuse the film’s production team of the destruction of dunes in Namibia’s Dorob National Park during the shoot in 2012. Experts say that the park has a fragile ecosystem, which can be damaged by any type of vehicle driving on it. New regulations give access to the public only in certain areas to allow thousands of square kilometers of dunes to remain untouched.

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