Bài 3 – Mẹo làm câu hỏi dạng động từ

1. A decrease in the supply of clean water sources ———– sales in water in purification products.
A. aid
B. aids
C. aiding
D. was aided
2. The consultants’ suggestions about the company’s position regarding the upcoming merger ————- into consideration by the CEO.
A. is taking
B. was taken
C. will take
D. have been taken
3. Due to new restrictions on international travelers, certain types of plants cannot
——– into most countries without a permit.
A. bring
B. be brought
C. brought
D. Bringing
4. A new innovative program is ———— to be released, though some system failures happened at the beginning of the inspection
A. expecting
B. expected
C. expects
D. expect
5. As the members of management have come to realize, the ———— of implementing the new business proposition has to be studied further.
A. prospect
B. prospects
C. prospective
D. prosperous

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