Bài 4 – Rút gọn mệnh đề quan hệ – Giải đề minh họa

1. The forethought and planning ——– at each step of writing a proposal will have a direct impact on the chances of its acceptance.
A. invest
B. invested
C. investor
D. investing
2. The library at the Kane-Clark Institute contains numerous items
——– the history of the renowned philanthropic organization
A. document
B. documents
C. documentary
D. documenting
3. Rei Takahashi is one of the three people ————- for overseeing the Research Department at Omi-Tech Solutions
A. responsible
B. responsibly
C. responsibility
D. responsibilities
4. In addition to fine dining, the elegant Ipswich Inn provides every amenity ——— for small or large business meetings.
A. necessity
B. necessitate
C. necessary
D. necessarily

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