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The spread of Western eating habits around the world is bad for both human health and the environment. Those findings come from a new report in the journal Nature. David Tilman is a professor of ecology at the University of Minnesota. In the study, he examined information from 100 countries to identify what people ate and how diet affected health. Mr. Tilman said he found that as nations industrialized, population increased and earnings rose. More people began to adopt what has been called the Western diet. They started eating like people in Western countries. But the Western diet is high in refined, or processed, sugar, fat, oil and meat. By eating these foods, people began to get fatter and sicker. David Tilman said overweight people are at greater risk for non-infectious diseases like diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. China, he said, is an example where the number of diabetes cases has jumped. He said it has gone from less than one percent of the population to 10 percent over a 20-year period. David Tilman said it is also happening in Mexico anmd Nigeria. And, a diet bad for people also appears to be bad for the environment. As the world’s population grows, experts say, more forests and tropical areas will become farmland for crops or grasslands for cattle. Mr. Tilman said this will likely create more greenhouse gasses which are linked to climate change. He says one possible solution is stop eating the Western diet. That means reducing carbohydrates like pasta, rice, potatoes and bread.

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