Phát âm chuẩn cùng VOA – Anh ngữ đặc biệt: Vietnam Language School (VOA)

Học tiếng Anh hiệu quả, nhanh chóng:, Nếu không vào được VOA, xin hãy vào để vượt tường lửa. Các chương trình học tiếng Anh miễn phí của VOA (VOA Learning English for Vietnamese) có thể giúp bạn cải tiến kỹ năng nghe và phát âm, hiểu rõ cấu trúc ngữ pháp, và sử dụng Anh ngữ một cách chính xác. Xem thêm:

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In Vietnam, two members of a family of street vendors, people who sell goods on streets, are finding a way to help the poorest students in Hanoi. Pham Minh Dap and his brother are providing the students with mostly free English and Japanese lessons at a learning center they created. The men want to help people who would not usually have a chance to learn a foreign language. Some education experts in Vietnam say a second language skill may help college graduates get jobs. The country’s economy has improved. But many graduates continue to have a hard time finding employment. Local media report 10 percent of university graduates do not have a job. Earlier this year, 24-year-old Pham Minh Dap and his brother opened a school they call Stand By You. Volunteers teach poor students English and Japanese. Many classes are free. Mr. Dap pays about $500 a month for classroom space and other costs. He provides about $150 from his earnings. His brother gives the same amount. Friends provide the rest. Mr. Dap says his students are poor. But so is he. He earns about five dollars a day as a street vendor. Pham Thi Trang is one of 600 students at the language school. The 24-year-old is finishing her university studies. She says she earns about $50 a month and her parents give her $75. She has said she has to be very careful with money. Demand for the school is growing. About 1,000 people are on a waiting list to enter. Mr. Dap says he is hoping to raise money to pay for a bigger place. He wants to open more classes.

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