Phát âm chuẩn cùng VOA – Anh ngữ đặc biệt: Taiwan Wearables (VOA)

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About 60 businesses demonstrated wearable electronic products last month at the Computex Taipei technology show in Taiwan. The devices included electronic watches and bracelets. The Taiwanese company Acer showed a smart armband called Liquid Leap. The device is worn around the arm. It can send text messages and activate music on smartphones. It also can count the number of calories — heat units — burned during exercise. Acer’s will start selling its armband this year. At first, it will be sold with a mobile telephone. The company has not announced a price yet. Asustek Computer, a competitor of Acer, and smartphone developer HTC plan to release wearable products by the end of the year. Smaller developers exhibited many products at Computex Taipei. GuiderCare of Taipei showed watches that can recognize when a person falls and send messages asking for help. The company thinks the product is good for older adults who live alone. Martian Watches, also of Taiwan, demonstrated watches that send voice commands to computer tablets or smartphones. The timepieces now sell for $129 each in Taipei. Technology experts say many wearables still have problems. Some devices lack popular applications or long battery life. Some do not have the good looks that buyers want. And prices for wearables remain relatively high. But in Taiwan, product developers think they know how to grow. Huang Han-tang is an official with the organizers of Computex. He says everyone now thinks the easiest goal to reach is to move from handheld devices to wearable devices.

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