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Indians who like alcohol usually choose whisky as their drink. But, slowly, wine is growing more popular in the country. India’s first vineyard, a farm where grapes used to make wine are grown, is named Sula. It began operations 15 years ago. Sula vineyards is in Nashik in northwestern Maharashtra state. Sula Vineyards is India’s largest Indian wine-maker. Ten years ago, it opened a tasting room to create a wine culture among people like the Kambles. About 200,000 people visit every year. Visitors explore the vineyards and look at how red and white grape juices slowly turn to alcohol. Then, they learn how to taste wine to best enjoy the blend of flavors. Indian tradition has not approved of alcoholic drinks. And whiskey is the kind of alcohol that the general public has accepted. Neeraj Agarwal is vice president of Sula Vineyards. He has seen the change that has taken place since the company struggled to sell its first several thousands of bottles of wine in 2000. Last year Sula sold more than seven million bottles. Mr. Agarwal believes that wine is helping change opinion about alcohol. Young professionals are the main supports of the growth in India’s wine market. The market is expanding at about 13 percent a year. Over the last 10 years, 90 wineries have opened across Karnataka and Maharashtra states where the climate is good for growing wine grapes. Indian women still represent a very small number of the wine drinkers in the country. About three percent of women in India have at least one drink a year. But their numbers are growing more than twice as fast as men.

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