Phát âm chuẩn – Anh ngữ đặc biệt: New Apple Products and Upgrades Go on Sale (VOA)

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Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple, recently announced updates to Apple products. With the Apple Watch, updates include new watch faces, and features. “Complications” show battery life, temperature, calendar appointments and other information on the watch face. “Time Travel” allows the user to see weather or calendar events in the past or future. Applications will show videos and use the Watch’s health sensors. One app called “Airstrip” allows doctors to see patient data in real time. Pregnant mothers, for example, will be able to see and hear their baby’s heartbeat. Mr. Cook also talked about the new iPad. He called it “our clearest vision of the future of personal computing.” He said it has an improved display and processes information faster than earlier iPads. The iPad Pro is large, the screen 32.8 cm long, and comes with a full-sized on-screen keyboard, and an optional Smart Keyboard. Apple also introduced the Apple Pencil, that senses force, pressure and tilt. Mr. Cook talked about a new generation Apple TV. It will be able to run apps and use Siri, the voice app on iPhones. Apple TV can have Siri find and navigate videos. Apple also introduced the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus. They remain the size same, but they work faster and come in a new color. The camera has been upgraded to take larger videos and produce better images for the FaceTime video call app and for selfie images. And the phone can now turn still photos into brief videos.

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