Phát âm chuẩn – Anh ngữ đặc biệt: China’s Slowing Economy Affects Stock Markets Worldwide (VOA)

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China is working to deal with a volatile stock market and slowing exports. These issues are continuing to influence world markets. China’s benchmark stock index, the Shanghai Composite Index, has been decreasing since June when it reached a high of over 5,000 points. Now, the index has decreased more than 40 percent. Stock prices have lost and gained value sharply. Recently, financial markets around the world have shown increased volatility, partly influenced by China’s economic issues. China has taken several steps to try to stop slipping share prices. The People’s Bank of China made more than $23 billion in short term loans available to banks and investors in late August. In July, stock exchanges stopped trading of 1,400 listed stocks to keep prices from falling. China’s central bank also made borrowing easier to support the economy and stop the sharp decreases in its stock markets. The bank reduced a main interest rate by a quarter percent to make borrowing easier. Chinese officials devalued the country’s currency, the yuan, in early August. Within two days, the yuan lost more than three percent in value. That reversed years of slow increases in the exchange rate of China’s currency. The devaluation came on growing evidence that China’s economy is slowing. China reported that its exports in July dropped more than expected. On September first, an official measure of manufacturing activity hit its lowest level since 2012.

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