Phát âm chuẩn – Anh ngữ đặc biệt: Afghan Refugee Wins UN Teaching Award (VOA)

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Aqeela Asifi, who fled to Pakistan as a young woman, has spent her life teaching other Afghan refugees. Now, at 49, she has won the 2015 UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award. Ms. Asifi faced many problems in Afghanistan before she fled to Pakistan. Resources were limited and education for women was discouraged. However, in Pakistan, the 49-year-old was able to bring change to her conservative Afghan community. She persuaded parents to send their daughters to school in a tent at the Kot Chandana refugee village. Since then, Ms. Asifi has guided more than a thousand refugee girls through their primary education. She told VOA that she could not imagine that she would one day win this award. There are almost 1.5 million recorded Afghan refugees in Pakistan, the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees says. Nearly half are school-aged children. But most do not attend school. Ms. Asifi was a teacher in Kabul when she fled with her family in 1992. At first, she taught in her tent. Her tent school has led to the opening of several permanent schools in the village. UNHCR’s Nansen Refugee Award honors extraordinary service to people who have been forced from their homes. The 2015 award ceremony will be held on October 5 in Geneva. The award will provide Ms. Asifi with $100,000 to help pay for her education projects. Ms. Asifi is a mother of six children. The Afghan teacher hopes her home country becomes better known for a higher levels of education, instead of war.

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