Phát âm chuẩn – Anh ngữ đặc biệt: Cuba Internet (VOA)

Học tiếng Anh hiệu quả, nhanh chóng:, Nếu không vào được VOA, xin hãy vào để vượt tường lửa. Các chương trình học tiếng Anh miễn phí của VOA (VOA Learning English for Vietnamese) có thể giúp bạn cải tiến kỹ năng nghe và phát âm, hiểu rõ cấu trúc ngữ pháp, và sử dụng Anh ngữ một cách chính xác. Xem thêm:

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The United States and Cuba re-established diplomatic relations two months ago. This has led to better use of the Internet on the island nation. Until recently, it has been difficult for Cubans to get online with the rest of the world. Reports say only five percent of the population has full use of the Internet. Now, the Cuban government has approved sales of pre-paid cards for use of the Internet. Roberto Gonzalez of Cuba is a wireless Internet user. He is happy about the government’s approval. He says people can connect to the world and communicate with their friends. The Cuban government owns the telecommunications company ETECSA. The company sells a limited number of the pre-paid cards each day. Cubans can buy 30 minutes of Internet time for about two dollars. Galeano Park is one of 35 wireless centers across Cuba. The pre-paid cards can be used for any cell phone, laptop computer or tablet. But there are restrictions. Internet users can only make video calls using a government-approved application. Joe Arriola is a former city manager of Miami, Florida. He says it is time to open the doors and communicate. The Cuban government says that Internet service is only provided by satellite because of U.S. restrictions on Cuba. But, many people hope that improved relations will mean technology companies can build better communications links. That could mean more communications towers, fiber optic cable and smart phone sales.

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