Phát âm chuẩn cùng VOA – Anh ngữ đặc biệt: Sierra Leone Radio Schools (VOA)

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Ebola has struck hard in Sierra Leone. More than one million children have been unable to attend school because of the continuing crisis caused by the disease. But classes are now broadcast on 41 radio stations and the country’s only television station. The educational programs are airing three hours daily, five days a week.
In the country’s capital, Freetown, 17-year-old student Doris Ansumana says radio broadcasts are a big change from her usual days of going to school. She says she misses the social life of school, like seeing other students. Still, Doris says she is enjoying the radio lessons. But, she says other students do not have the chance to study because they must work. Her guardian, Yabonett Sesay, agrees. She suggests that the government extend broadcasts to night hours. She says everyone stays home at night. Brima Michael Turay serves as deputy director for the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. He says the goal is to have the broadcasts take place from 11 in the morning until five in the afternoon. He says the ministry worked hard to get teachers’ opinions and advice. He says 30 of them put together the broadcasts. All are qualified to teach at different levels. Subjects include mathematics, science and English. Mr. Turay says parents must understand that the ministry cannot continually watch their children. The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists and the Independent Radio Network are producing the broadcasts. Several international partners including UNICEF are also working with the ministry.

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