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Cameroon is experimenting with Africa’s first mobile system to send a heart signal over a wireless network. The system will give much needed medical assistance to heart, or cardiac, patients in rural areas. Cameroonian Arthur Zang invented the device called the Cardiopad when he was just 24 years old. The device is a touch screen medical tablet for heart examinations. The results of the tests are sent wirelessly to specialists in other parts of Cameroon. Simplice Momo is a 55-year-old heart patient in a rural area of Cameroon. He said the Cardiopad saves him time and money. He says it is too costly and difficult for him to see a heart specialist in the city. There are about 22 million people in Cameroon. But, the country only has 40 heart specialists. Most are in the cities of Douala or Yaounde. Sometimes patients need heart experts who are outside the country. Apolonia Budzee is a nurse at Saint Elizabeth Cardiac Center. She says the device will permit doctors to send patients’ medical information to specialists in Europe. Arthur Zang started the Cardiopad project five years ago. He needed training and $45,000. He shared his idea on social media. Cameroonian President Paul Biya saw this and provided money. Mr. Zang also received free online training from an engineering school in India. The cardiopad costs about $4,000. Cameroon has not been able to provide the device to hospitals in need. Most of them lack Internet and enough electricity. Mr. Zang says he has had private investors contact him. He says he is interested in investors who share his goal of helping people.

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