Phát âm chuẩn cùng VOA – Anh ngữ đặc biệt: Brooklyn Chess Champions (VOA)

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A neighborhood school in New York City produces champions at the game of chess. Students at Brooklyn’s Intermediate School 318 have won 32 titles, or championships, in competitive play of the ancient game. The pre-teens and young teens have even defeated older students. John Galvin is an assistant leader and the chess program chief at the school. He says most of the young people come from homes where conditions make it hard to succeed. Poverty is a major difficulty many students face. Mr. Galvin says the program teaches the children that they can be great at something. Eighty students are members of the chess team during the school year. Chess summer school is open to 40 young people. They learn skills like planning and decision making. Student Samantha Dong says the game calls for imagination. Another student says chess helps with all kinds of schoolwork. And, the students say, chess is fun. The school program has gained worldwide fame. In 2012, Norwegian chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen visited the school to congratulate the national champions. A film released at that time tells the story of five team members. The movie “Brooklyn Castle” also shows the difficulties they face in their personal lives. But the school’s leader, Eric Windley, says the value of chess is that it gives every student a chance. Anyone can play the game, he says. Ninety-eight percent of Intermediate School 318 students graduate from high school. Most go on to attend a college or university.

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