Phát âm chuẩn – Anh ngữ đặc biệt: Cameroon Schools (VOA)

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The Cameroonian government says that terrorism threatens large numbers of schoolchildren there. Two bomb attacks killed nine people last month in the town of Kolofata, near the border with Nigeria. At the same time, millions of children returned to school after a three-month holiday. Cameroon has been working to make its schools safer. One of the most dangerous areas is along the border with Nigeria. Many families want to leave these areas. Sixteen-year-old Ahmidou Moussa was not able to return to school on time because of the threat of suicide bombings. His school is in the town of Mora. Valentine Tameh is president of the Teachers Association of Cameroon. He says many teachers are refusing to teach in areas along the border with Nigeria. He says he has told teachers to continue to work, even in the border area. But he says, they are also telling the government that it has a moral duty to take care of those teachers. A police spokesperson says he has talked with students, teachers and parents about keeping young schoolchildren safe. He says if the population works with officials, terrorists will find it more difficult to carry out attacks. Dualla is the economic capital of Cameroon. There, school staff members search students and their bags with metal detectors before they enter the school. Last year, Cameroon closed 70 schools on its border with Nigeria. More than 100,000 students were relocated to new schools.

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