Học tiếng Anh qua tin tức – Nghĩa và cách dùng từ Survival (VOA)

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SURVIVAL là danh từ, có nghĩa là tình trạng tiếp tục sống hay tồn tại, bất chấp khó khăn và nguy hiểm – SỰ SỐNG CÒN, SINH TỒN. Động từ là SURVIVE.

Phần tiếng Anh:

Thousands of Syrians are fighting for their survival. Troops loyal to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad around the city of Aleppo are forcing thousands of civilians to flee towards the Turkish border where they remain stranded. Turkish authorities closed the border for most Syrians but they are helping refugees with the distribution of tents and blankets. The survival of the tens of thousands of Syrian refugees continues to be a challenge under the current harsh conditions. Turkish officials warn that round-the-clock Russian air strikes and heavy fighting could spark the arrival of as many as 600,000 fleeing Syrian civilians to the Turkish border, but insist the refugees stay on the Syrian side of the frontier.

There is an amazing story of survival from India. An Indian soldier has been found alive under eight meters of snow, six days after he was buried by an avalanche that hit his military post in Kashmir. The soldier was rushed to a military hospital in New Delhi where his condition is reported to be critical. The soldier was declared dead along with nine others in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir also known as the battleground on the roof of the world.

Finally, these baby orangutans at a sanctuary in Indonesian Borneo are learning survival skills– how to live on their own in the wild. Their education in this specialized school will last seven or eight years before they get ready to be re-released. The population of endangered orangutans in Southeast Asia decreased because of illegal poaching and habitat loss. Experts estimate there are some 45,000-69,000 Borneo orangutans left.

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